Making Employer and University Partnerships Work

accredited employer-led learning

by Bop Dhillon
 Therese Edmonds
 Alison Felce
 Ann Minton
 Tony Wall

  • Pages:200
  • Published:2011
£ 18.00 isbn: 978 1 907471 49 0

About Making Employer and University Partnerships Work

Making Employer and University Partnerships Work is aimed at Higher Education policy makers, managers, educational practitioners and academics with an interest in employer engagement, employer-responsive provision and for extending Higher Education opportunities to those in the workplace.

It has often been said by industry that higher education speaks a different and often jargonistic language. This book offers a bridge between academia and industry within a learning context. The language used is accessible to all involved: HR and learning and development practitioners in industry, colleagues within professional bodies and university academics and others engaged in the learning agenda. It is as jargon free as possible. The majority of the case studies are jointly authored between an employer and a university colleague.

The main focus of the book is how universities can support and enhance learning at level 4 and above undertaken in the workplace; particularly learning that is provided directly by employers rather than by the universities themselves.

Making Employer and University Partnerships Work is grounded in practice with each chapter capturing and articulating the learning from specific partnerships and projects with contributors from industry and higher education. The first part of the book provides case studies that give a rounded perspective of the opportunities, obstacles and solutions to developing partnerships; the second part addresses issues of impact, relationships and quality.

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