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Praise for 'Along the Way'

22 Oct 2015

Robert France's wonderful book 'Along the Way' has received another glowing review. This one is from the International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage:

This is a magnificent thought provoking work, one that succeeds in weaving a historical and contemporary literature review into a travelogue, coupled with an evocative photographic record of the journey. The reader is challenged to reflect on the depth and meaning of the ‘Camino’ against the expertise or ‘Camino Cultural Capital’ of the author.

Robert France completes an exhaustive literature review of previous studies and commentaries on the ‘Camino’, past and present, and continuously emphasises how this publication is unique in approach, beginning with the route chosen to complete, the time of year to do it and how the book is written using a thematic approach. The attention paid to architectural detail, coupled with a photographic record, produces something of ‘distinct scholarship’. The keenness of the author’s observation and the images he uses to convey this are reminiscent of the approach taken by Christopher Alexander - the respected American thinker and architect in his book A Pattern Language. The style of writing is a constant weaving of knowledge, facts, personal thoughts, emotions and criticism into a pattern of themes such as adventure, joy, contact and contemplation. The book skilfully combines profound observations with personal reflection so that the author’s journey goes beyond the spiritual and physical. The author quotes Walter Starkie on how a pilgrim tries to collect his memories as a ‘backward journey through time and a forward journey through space’.

The reader is constantly aware of Robert France’s ‘Camino / Cultural Capital’ be it in Architecture, Landscape, Literature, Art, Food, Film, Music or Electronic Games. The details of observations given, often crafted into stories, engage all the senses, which provokes a transcendental reflection or meditation on the places and artefacts and how they came to be. This inspires interest and curiosity to follow the route. Occasionally, the critique by the author borders on cynicism leaving the reader disillusioned as to what would satisfy him. Yet, eventually Robert France allows himself to express emotions such as the ‘most moving experiences of the entire pilgrimage and one of the most spiritual moments I have ever felt inside a church’. Frankly, he admits he prayed for the first time in years. This allows for a wider audience to participate in what is powerful about the ‘Camino’ and in particular this book. Robert France’s dedication and determination is never-ending, evidenced in particular, when four years after the pilgrimage he engaged in the ‘Portal of Glory’ ritual with a replica of it in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. ‘The long pilgrimage of places and pages is over.’

By: Frances McGettigan. Lecturer in Tourism, Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Studies, Athlone Institute of Technology, Athlone, Co. Westmeath. Ireland.
© International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage ISSN 2009-7379
Volume 4(1) 2016, Available at: http://arrow.dit.ie/ijrtp/


10 Aug 2015

Libri's new imprint

Libri Publishing Limited is pleased to announce the establishment of its second imprint, Redshank Books. The first two Redshank titles are now available, 'The Great British Pepper Cookbook' and 'Abu Hamza Guilty: The fight against radical Islam'. Both books cost £9.99, and further details and additional information can be found on the Redshank website, http://redshankbooks.co.uk

22 May 2015

Green Frigate Books to become an imprint of Libri Publishing

Green Frigate Books aim to reach an educated lay and professional readership by producing works that address issues that might otherwise be missed or underplayed by traditional academic or popular presses.

22 May 2015

Libri's three imprints

Libri Books are focused on professional and organisational development, titles in business and management and all related subjects, health and health policy, and 'The Business of Higher Education'. Libri Books have strong academic/theoretical grounding, but are not 'academic books' and are written primarily with the professional practitioner in mind.

The imprint recruits authors strongly linked to communities of practice and probably with personal consultancy/teaching practices which general sales via the authors or their organisations.

Redshank Books are in general shorter and less theoretical than Libri Books, and have no specific links to 'communities of practice'. This imprint is also used for various project work and sponsored publications.

The imprint Green Frigate Books will contain a number of titles published originally in Canada, plus others in what was originally Libri Publishing's 'Design, Interiors and Architecture' category. Thus Green Frigate is differentiated from Libri Books titles mainly in terms of focus.