We love our authors! 

And our authors love us.     Here's what some of them have to say :

Paul Collier :

I can personally recommend partnership publishing with Libri Publishing.  The team helped me to achieve my goal to put my book into the public domain.  I had spent so much time, energy and effort to pull my research into a narrative.  It was a story waiting to be told and Libri Publishing helped me do it.  With their partnership publishing model, I had influence on decisions such as the overall style and design of the book, whilst, at the same time enjoying the benefits and advice of a professional team with a strong back catalogue.  I can say that the process of working with the Libri Publishing team has, and is, a pleasure.  The relationship continues even after publication.  I’ve never really told the team how much it had meant to me to have had their support to publish my book.  I guess, now they know! I’m happy to be part of the Libri Publishing family. Paul

Jim Lewis : 

Before signing a contract with Libri I had already had the experience of having my books published by three different publishers. I have now been with Libri over ten years and they have published and distributed eleven of my books. 

Working with Libri has been, for a writer and broadcaster, an absolute joy. Books have always been published speedily after manuscript submission without interference from editing. Some publishers appear to relish changing what an author has written. 

There is always a friendly voice at the end of the phone if in need of advice and authors are consulted on artwork and layup before project sign off. I wish I had found Libri earlier.

Dr Jim Lewis, Contributory International Professor, Marian University, Indianapolis.

Mike Sullivan : 

Just a quick note to say how delighted I am with the service you provided during the publication of my book “Mail Rail from Beginning to End”.

The whole process was smooth and all of the team were a pleasure to deal with.   I did not realise how much was involved in the process but everything from the proof reading to the publication and marketing was a pleasure and everyone was so helpful.

I really want to thank you for your thoroughly professional approach and help at every stage.

Roland Fernandes : 

As a first time author, I was somewhat unsure of the processes involved in transitioning my concept for a revision book into the final product. Libri Publishing were informative, friendly and encouraging. They have been a pleasure to work with and I cannot commend their efforts enough. The entire team has been really helpful and ensured that the whole process was both smooth and efficient. Their professional and dedicated service provided is greatly appreciated.


Matt Shepherd : 

My two year old idea became a reality thanks to the team at Libri Publishing.    From day one I found all the team to be knowledgeable, helpful and extremely patient with this first-time author who knew nothing about the publishing process.     Everything is done efficiently and with great expertise. I was given a contract to sign and told when the team would need my manuscript.    I was made aware of my royalties and when I should expect a first cheque.   I was also guided through Libri’s editing process and my editor dealt with any questions I had very quickly.

Libri managed to have my book available as a pre-order on Amazon globally, as well as various other well-respected sites including Barnes and Noble in America weeks before the publication date.   This was great as it gave me plenty of time to promote my book on social media and various other avenues, as well as being able to provide a link for pre-orders.

My book made number one in the Amazon Hot New Releases Music Reference Chart as well as top 20 in the Hot New Releases for Music books – rubbing shoulders with books about The Beatles and Record Collector’s Rare Record Price Guide so I was delighted. 

I received good luck messages from the team on publication day which was a lovely touch and they really made every effort to make me feel part of the Libri family.     I was very happy with the efforts by the team at Libri and have signed up with them again as the publisher of the second volume of my book.

If you have a dream to see your book idea become a reality, then have a chat to John, Roger, Celia and the team. Who knows – your book could soon be selling hundreds of copies too.   Good luck!!

Matt Shepherd – author of Elvis Presley: Stories Behind The Songs


Chris Edger : 

Having worked with a couple of large publishing houses in the past I have had the pleasure of publishing ten books/ebooks with Libri over the last six years - one of which was shortlisted for the 2016 Management Book of the Year.   I have found Libri to be outstanding.   Agile, responsive, collaborative and highly supportive of all the projects I have taken to them.   Their end-to-end management of the whole publishing process is highly professional.    A great team that delivers on its promises to energetic and imaginative authors!


If you want to know more, then please contact steve.lane@libripublishing.co.uk