Call for new children’s authors! 

Libri Publishing is extending our partner publishing initiative into children’s literature. In autumn 2019 we’re launching Child’s Eye.

Child's Eye will focus on children’s stories from a different perspective. Quirky stories with an edge that deal with a variety of subjects from the child’s viewpoint.  Scary, cruel, or just downright funny, Child’s Eye stories invite the discerning reader to step into the weird and sometimes disconcerting world of a child’s imaginings.

Here are some of our forthcoming titles:


Great Uncle Stanley (for ages 4-6) explores the fact that children are often more attentive than we give them credit for … and parents often aren’t. 

Kevin is an intelligent and sensitive boy, who listens to his mum.  In contrast, like many a parent, his mum concentrates her efforts on the imagined dangers that surround him rather than paying any attention to what he’s actually doing. 

Mum uses Great Uncle Stanley’s misadventures as examples of the folly of dangerous and reckless behaviour. ...but all is not as she would have us believe.



Dug (for ages 6-8) looks at growing up and the relationship between a boy and his grandfather — Dug.  As children get older so their knowledge and awareness of the world around them becomes more sophisticated. Adults don’t always realise this ... especially grandads.

Was Dug a fighter ace and did he really play for England? Then how come he was born after the war and is totally rubbish at football?  Dug’s grandson is beginning to have his doubts.



Monster Baby (for ages 8-10)   By the sucking of her thumb something wicked this way comes.  Monster Baby is here to change things … and we’re not talking nappies. 

This story questions the myth that babies are born innocent. Both hero and villain, Monster Baby wreaks havoc in the lives of all those who meet her.  From the leafy by-ways of Bloomsbury to the harsh and rugged Hartz Mountains, Monster Baby is a classic story of life, death and the pursuit of raspberry flavoured pacifiers.




Child's Eye has to stand out in the very crowded children's literature market so we are looking for new authors who have their own distinctive approach to writing for children.  If you have a book — or just an idea — that you feel could fit into Child’s Eye then please contact