Libri Publishing has extended our partner publishing initiative into children’s literature with the introduction of Child’s Eye. Child's Eye focuses on children’s stories from a different perspective. Quirky stories with an edge that deal with a variety of subjects from the child’s viewpoint.  Scary, cruel, or just downright funny, Child’s Eye stories invite the discerning reader to step into the weird and sometimes disconcerting world of a child’s imaginings.

Call for new children’s authors! 

Child's Eye has to stand out in the very crowded children's literature market so we are looking for new authors who have their own distinctive approach to writing for children.  If you have a book — or just an idea — that you feel could fit into Child’s Eye then please contact



Child's Eye is delighted to welcome the sequel to the GLB – winner of the Child's Eye Award 2023.

The Grizzly Little Beastie Goes to Sea describes the further adventures of our little hero as he tries to get his friends to join him on an epic voyage… with an unexpected result.

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Kathleen Rogers’ Autumn’s Turn, illustrated by Octavian Fitzherbert, is runner up in the Children’s/Juvenile Early Readers/Chapter Books (Fiction) category of the 2023 Indie Book Awards.
The Next Generation Indie Book Awards- now in its 16th year - is the largest international book awards programme for independent publishers. The awards are judged by leaders of the indie book publishing industry and aim to identify books deserving a wider audience.


We are delighted to announce this inaugural year's Winner and Runner-Up.

In first place is Arpan Tahim's Grizzly Little Beastie, an illustrated book about children dealing with the pain of teething using a simple, memorable character to illustrate what is happening.
Runner-up position goes to Egyptian Hieroglyphs A-Z, which introduces the ancient Egyptian culture through Egyption hieroglyphics, symbols and numbers.   Witten by Anna Tso and her team, the book draws comparisons with Greek and Chinese alphabets, and includes some excellent interactive exercises.


International recognition for two of our Child's Eye authors! Felicia Thomas and Rebecca Burke both achieved success at this year’s Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Rebecca and her book ‘Ellie Juneman: Earth Witch (in training)’ were finalists and Felicia’s 'Miss Polly and the Crocodile’ was joint winner for the CHILDREN'S/JUVENILE EARLY READERS/CHAPTER BOOKS (FICTION) category!
The Next Generation Indie Book Awards, now in its 16th year, is the largest awards programme for independent authors and publishers in the world.

Miss Polly was described as: 'A quirky and magical story that somehow manages to deal with real problems children encounter. Such lovely prose and illustrations that children will be drawn to. Written in the vein of Miss Pigglewiggle, the Miss Polly books may become a children's classic as well.'
Ellie Juneman: Earth Witch (in training)

We are very proud of both Felicia and Rebecca… and all our other authors and illustrators too!

Here are some of our current titles:


Autumn's Turn This is a children’s story about the seasons. Autumn refuses to step aside for her sister, Winter, when it’s her turn. Winter gets increasingly worried as time goes on without her getting the chance to do her work. Spring and Summer also appeal to Autumn, as does Mother Nature, but Autumn refuses to listen. Eventually, Father Time talks some sense into her, and she steps aside for winter and the other seasons.

The story starts with an overlong autumn. The people are happy, initially, thinking they’ll have a shorter winter. However, the people’s praise for this lovely season goes to Autumn’s head, and she refuses to step aside for winter, with disastrous consequences.

Children will enjoy reading about the different personalities of the seasons and will also be gaining an insight into how nature works. Just as the people in the story, the reader may come to appreciate all the seasons and the important role they play.

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Miss Polly and the Crocodile is a quirky and whimsical book. Based in a magical town, the characters face real world problems, with a happy outcome. The story tells of a princess who is no better than she should be and the trouble her behaviour causes for her kingdom in general and for a gifted inventor in particular. Faced with bullying and brattishness there seems little hope, but the very special Miss Polly Dolly and her close friend Mrs Adams – who is not quite what we expect – set about changing things for the better. Miss Polly explores themes of peer pressure and forgiveness... and the power of kindness.

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Ellie Juneman: Earth Witch (in training) Ellie is no stranger to surprises, so when Amara, a magical mynah bird, visits her one morning and delivers an invitation to a mysterious gathering, Ellie takes it all in her stride. This, she hopes will be the start of her training and the beginning of her search to find the lost Earth Witches. But is she really prepared for the adventure? Will she be strong enough to overcome the dangers that lie ahead, and will she learn to control her newly found powers?

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Great Uncle Stanley Children are often more attentive than we give them credit for. Parents aren’t. Kevin is an enterprising little boy who is interested in all sorts of things, but his mother is not impressed and constantly tells him he will end up like Great Uncle Stanley. Not unreasonably after hearing his mother’s cautionary tales, Kevin imagines his Great Uncle Stanley with only one hand, a burnt head and squashed by a steamroller. So when Great Uncle Stanley eventually turns up one day, Kevin is first terrified and then astonished to discover that he is perfectly normal.

Rubery Awards 2022 - Katherine Lane/Tom Wells: Runner-up Illustrated Children's Books category
And here's what the judges said:
'The book is about the frightening power of imagination and the consequences of adults’ careless remarks. It’s very funny and has unusual, strong illustrations.'


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Dug looks at growing up and how relationships change. This is about a boy and his grandfather — Dug. As children get older so their awareness of the world becomes more sophisticated. Adults don’t always realise this ... especially grandads. Was Dug a fighter ace and did he really play for England? Then how come he was born after the war and is totally rubbish at football? Dug’s grandson is beginning to have his doubts…

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Bryony Fairview: Weather Witch When Ellie finds a very upset and grumpy Weather Witch called Bryony in her garden, she is eager to find out why she is there. Children are becoming increasingly aware of the threats to the environment and for the need to take decisive action to save Planet Earth. Through the medium of magic and storytelling ‘Bryony Fairview: Weather Witch’ deals with the challenge facing us all.

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When the Jobkins Fell to Earth follows the adventures of the Jobkins – small furry aliens – in their efforts to return to their home planet. Jobkins love dealing with construction and engineering challenges and will particularly appeal to children who are interested in how things are made.

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Lockdown Lit This book of short stories and poems is a compilation of the winners of the Lockdown Lit Prize for Children. The competition aimed to provide a release for imaginations pent up by lockdown. Entrants were invited to write about anything they chose. There were poems, picture stories, funny stories, scary stories and some that were very personal

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