Business As Usual at Libri ...

17 Mar 2020

Business As Usual at Libri ...

We wish you all good health at this difficult time.   We would like to reassure you that Libri Publishing will remain open for business for all our authors, distributors and readers.    Do get in touch ... with our Contact form or by email ...

Lockdown Lit! 

Thanks to everyone who submitted stories for the Lockdown Lit short story competition for children.   We were delighted with the quality and quantity of the responses.   Winners and runners up have been selected and we’re now putting the stories together in a book that will be published later in the year.

Writers in Lockdown

We invited our authors, friends and staff to share their experiences of Lockdown, and their contributions were published on our Instagram and Facebook pages.     Here is a compendium of all the stories of Writers in Lockdown ...

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If you have read one of our titles and would like to comment on the book, please send us your review ... 

Our Authors featured ...

17 Mar 2020

Essential Revision Notes for FRCS (Urol)

  • A superlative review for Jack Donati-Bourne's two volumes on Urology News

Hows & Knotts

How Leadership Reputations Are Won And Lost

Harris Lebus: A Romance With The Furniture Trade

Elvis Presley: Stories Behind The Songs (Volumes 1 & 2)


As Memories Fade

20 Nov 2019

Do you have a story to tell?

In recent years many first hand memories of the World Wars and other significant events of the Twentieth Century have been captured in print and on film. Though extensive, these are only a fraction of the collective memory of the people affected. Most of those involved have now gone, but their memories live on through the people they have told – their families and their friends – but this generation too will pass and with them the wealth of stories they hold on to.

As Memories Fade is a project to collect the stories of a passing generation based on memories and surviving documentation – both in the words of the individual concerned or through the memories of their family. Dramatic, tragic or even humorous incidents and experiences – moments in time - that deserve to be chronicled for future generations.

As Memories Fade will print these stories in a book, or series of books. These can include both short stories and full-length accounts. Inevitably, many of these stories will be based on wartime experiences, but the project extends into other areas of human endeavour.

Go to As Memories Fade If you would like more information.


Hows and Knotts - as a Teaching Resource

10 Nov 2019

  • Hows and Knotts - as a Teaching Resource

We believe the book can support the delivery of the National Curriculum Geography across Key Stages 1 to 4, providing learning experiences in the areas of Locational Knowledge, Place Knowledge, Human and Physical Geography and Geographical Skills and Fieldwork.

Download the Teaching Flyer and buy Hows and Knotts: A Guide to Lakeland Views