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17 Mar 2020



This month we remember the D-Day landings that helped end the Second World War. Unfortunately, Europe is again at war. Russia has invaded Ukraine, a sovereign democratic state that seeks closer ties with the West.

Atomic Blackmail? identifies a little appreciated threat – that of damage to one or more of Ukraine’s nuclear power stations that could release a deadly radioactive cloud across Ukraine and much of Europe. As with the Chernobyl disaster, a nuclear mis-step in Ukraine would affect us all.

The book highlights that in time of war, nuclear power stations present a belligerent a tempting target. As nuclear power stations multiply, so does the risk of atomic blackmail.

Atomic Blackmail? should be required reading for academics and students of risk, lawmakers, civil servants, nuclear planners and the nuclear industry.

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The Postal Museum gets some deserved recognition in the Guardian’s guide to London’s best small museums.

Secret tunnels, a lost airport and TV’s original dummy – a guide to London’s best small museums | Museums | The Guardian

With its hub at Mount Pleasant near to King’s Cross, the railway linked with London’s main line stations and carried most of the country’s long-distance mail.

Mike Sullivan's Mail Rail tells the full story of the Post Office's underground railway.

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Child's Eye is delighted to welcome the sequel to the GLB – winner of the Child's Eye Award 2023.

The Grizzly Little Beastie Goes to Sea describes the further adventures of our little hero as he tries to get his friends to join him on an epic voyage… with an unexpected result.

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Interprofessional practice is a well-known topic for all public and private health professionals, but there has been limited research on social network analysis in determining the actual configuration of professional networks and their impact on teamwork and patient care.

The book's authors propose novel insiders' views about collaborative practice as 'experts' of the sector, with plenty of applications that can attract healthcare professionals and policymakers aiming to improve integrated care based on Evidence-Based Practice and Practice-Based Evidence.

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Castledawn by Raymond Moore is set in the Isle of Skye. Following his Skye Stories trilogy that explored growing up on the island, this is a venture into fiction aimed at the teens/young adult market.

On a cliff­ overlooking the bay stands Duntulm Castle, and in its shadow, sits Castledawn. The large country house has sat empty since the war, but its crumbling interior contains a dark secret that should not be disturbed. Unaware of the dangers, three young friends go inside and their lives change forever.

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A new print run brings a new cover for Felicia Thomas’ Miss Polly and the Crocodile. The new cover proudly bears the Indie Book Award she won in the Children’s/Juvenile Early Readers/Chapter Books (Fiction) category.


Kathleen Rogers’ Autumn’s Turn, illustrated by Octavian Fitzherbert, is runner up in the Children’s/Juvenile Early Readers/Chapter Books (Fiction) category of the 2023 Indie Book Awards.
The Next Generation Indie Book Awards- now in its 16th year - is the largest international book awards programme for independent publishers. The awards are judged by leaders of the indie book publishing industry and aim to identify books deserving a wider audience.

Autumn’s Turn is a story about the seasons. Each has its own personality and its own special beauty. Even the harshest season has an important role to play in the natural year - but Autumn refuses to step aside for her sister, Winter, when it’s her turn, with disastrous consequences.
Sadly, Kathleen died shortly after the book’s publication in 2022. This award is recognition of her talent as a children’s author and storyteller.


Rubery Awards 2022

Great Uncle Stanley – Katherine Lane/Tom Wells: Runner-up Illustrated Children's Books category

... and here's what the judges said:

'Kevin is an enterprising little boy who is interested in all sorts of things, but his mother is not impressed and constantly tells him he will end up like Great Uncle Stanley. Not unreasonably after hearing his mother’s cautionary tales, Kevin imagines his Great Uncle Stanley with only one hand, a burnt head and squashed by a steamroller. So when Great Uncle Stanley eventually turns up one day, Kevin is first terrified and then astonished to discover that he is perfectly normal. The book is about the frightening power of imagination and the consequences of adults’ careless remarks. It’s very funny and has unusual, strong illustrations.'

'Coming on the back of our successes in the Next Generation Independent Book Awards I am delighted that Katherine and Tom’s Great Uncle Stanley has also received international recognition. We’re feeling very proud here at Child's Eye and have decided to extend the deadline on our own awards programme to enable more budding new authors to have the chance to join our team of writers.'
Steve Lane, Commisioning Editor, Child's Eye


I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed watching the video. The collection comes alive in the video's combination of excellent photographs and the compelling narrative provided in the voiceover. So much information about connections between Western and Eastern traditions of thought is conveyed in such an entertaining way, and each slide gives a glimpse of a new way in which those connections have been and can be explored. I like the background music, too--it supports the story in an unobtrusive yet effective way. Great work all around!
  - Elizabeth Witherell, Editor-in-Chief, The Writings of Henry D. Thoreau

Watch the video on YouTube  to get further information and look inside Book of Books


International recognition for two of our Child's Eye authors! Felicia Thomas and Rebecca Burke both achieved success at this year’s Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Rebecca and her book ‘Ellie Juneman: Earth Witch (in training)’ were finalists and Felicia’s 'Miss Polly and the Crocodile’ was joint winner for the CHILDREN'S/JUVENILE EARLY READERS/CHAPTER BOOKS (FICTION) category!

I am delighted in the performance of both books. The NGIBA is an international awards scheme and there is a lot of competition for the top places, so this is a major achievement for both Felicia and Rebecca. I am also pleased for the recognition this gives the Child's Eye team at Libri Publishing. We are a relatively new imprint and have set out to publish authors who have their own distinctive approach to writing for children.
We've been lucky to recruit a group of very talented authors and I am proud of all of our books. I should add that we are launching our own awards programme, which will introduce new writers to Child's Eye. Entry details will be available next week.

   - Steve Lane, Commissioning Editor, Child's Eye

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PAUL JERVIS : 1943-2022

It is with sadness that we at Libri bring news of the death of a founding Director.

Paul decided to stand down as Managing Director in 2018, after eight years with Libri.   During his time with us he had a significant influence on the academic and professional publications that became the company's stock in trade.   A number of returning authors still refer to Paul as their point of contact, and his legacy lives on at Libri Publishing.

Importantly, Paul was more than a publisher.   Business meetings would often include a discussion on photography, travel (especially to the Isle of Mull), politics and his family.

Paul was not only a work colleague but a personal friend to many of us.   I worked with Paul at Middlesex University and in 2010 he helped to establish Libri Publishing.

We send the family our sympathy and thank his wife Trish for being supportive of his contribution to the company.

  - John Sivak, Managing Director


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