This series of books is written to allow children to learn to read through rhyme. The simple style allows children to sound words out and recognise them. There is regular repetition of words which allows children to become familiar with larger words, having to read them more often. There may be a number of words that they have not read before or do not recognise – this is intended to spark conversation. The books have bright illustrations for the younger reader which are eye catching and detailed.

Christopher Quirk originates from the UK and has a background in design. Christopher has a young daughter who has been his inspiration for this book, enabling him to read her bedtime stories written by him.

Our current and forthcoming titles:


Ezekiel and the Wonders Under The Bed follows the third character in the Alexander Books series – Ezekiel – and his journey in learning not to judge a book by its cover.

Ezekiel is a brave boy who loves an adventure. When he hears a noise from under his bed he must investigate. Immediately he is transported to a new world, where he meets a very sad monster. The monster is being bullied by other monsters about his appearance. With a clever plan, Ezekiel helps the monster and returns home. But all is not what it seems. Ezekiel has forgotten one thing and … Ezekiel is in trouble again!

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Annabelle and the Talking Squawking Ducks follows the second character in the Alexander Books series – Annabelle – and her journey in learning right from wrong.

Annabelle loves feeding ducks but, when it is time to go and have lunch, she wonders if the ducks are still hungry want more. Annabelle knows that stealing is wrong, but after having taken bread from the local café she is met by an elderly wizard duck. He shows her the error of her ways and, by using a bit of magic, he is able to reset her error and help Annabelle.  When Mum realises Annabelle has snuck away to go back to the ducks … Annabelle is in trouble again!

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Alexander and the Curly Wurly Caterpillar follows the adventure of the main character Alexander, after he loses his favourite toy ball in a dark and scary bush.

Alexander has to crawl in past prickly thorns and flower buds to try and retrieve it. Once in the bush he gets lost, cold, wet and dirty and needs help to get out. With help from a magical caterpillar (and a few magic words) Alexander is saved and returns home with his favourite ball. However, all is not as it seems. When Mum realises Alexander is still muddy and his clothes are torn, Alexander is in trouble again….

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Look out for other books coming in the series ...

Elissa and the Teeny Tiny Tiger - A jungle story - Summer 2022
Jayden and the Witty City Fox - An urban story - Winter 2022