Authors - Writing for Libri

We welcome submissions from authors who share our approach to publishing and who have, or intend to have, titles that will fit within our range of imprints.

We also welcome submissions from new authors - please visit Publish With Libri.

The criteria we use for selecting titles include:

maintaining Libri’s high standards of quality and relevance

working at the leading edge of new developments in practice and application

supporting innovative multi- or inter-disciplinary analyses of issues

developing integrated ‘blended learning’ approaches which combine books, learning materials and events.

In all cases, commercial viability is an over-riding consideration.

The aim of Libri Books is to be the imprint of choice for authors and readers addressing issues in professional and organisational development and management.  Libri Books are written primarily for members of ‘communities of practice’ which include professionals, consultants and trainers, as well as researchers and academics.

We are interested in publishing multi-authored books and in publishing titles which can be supported with conferences, workshops, masterclasses and similar forms of continuing professional development activity.

The Redshank imprint hosts both fiction and non-fiction titles.  It works like an independent book shop carrying interesting titles in a range of genres including popular culture, social history (As Memories Fade) and children’s books (Child's Eye).  The one common theme throughout Redshank is that the books are special – quirky if you like – taking a fresh view on the world and dealing with subjects not dealt with elsewhere.

Titles published in Green Frigate aim to explore the horizons of the natural and built environments, and the relations of humans within them.  This imprint also deals with ‘Design, Interiors and Architecture’, and should be of particular interest for members of ‘communities of practice’ in the natural and built environments.

If you have a proposal for a book, or series of books, please contact or telephone 0845 873 3837.