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We work with our authors to design, publish and market their books.   Once a book proposal is agreed by the editorial board, we will submit a draft contract to you and appoint a commissioning editor who will work with you throughout the following process:

You submit the full manuscript in a Word file with illustrations attached separately. These should be of a suitable quality for reproduction and at least 300dpi. We need to ensure that copyright has been cleared and check for attributions.
This involves the commissioning editor looking at everything from the book’s structure to the narrative style; it also means considering whether illustrations, appendices, bibliography, notes and an index may be needed.
Next comes the copy editing. This is designed to catch all the errors and inconsistencies in the text, from spelling and punctuation to facts, figures and style. Once the copy-edit is finished, we will discuss with you any queries that may have arisen.
The book cover is an important feature of the book – it’s one of the most important factors in encouraging customers to pick up the book and pay for it at the till. Our designers will work with you to produce a cover for your book.
The book is issued an ISBN.
Sample lay-up designs will be developed.  These will be used to set out the text and illustrations. First proofs are read by the author. This is the last chance you get to make amendments. The final number of pages and book size will be determined by this stage. The manuscript is then dispatched to one of our lay-up partners to be turned into page proofs.
Second proofs, or ‘revises’, are checked against the collated first proofs and any last-minute queries are attended to. Once you have signed off this copy it is sent for printing.
The size of the print run will be decided based on advance sales and market research.
The retail price is decided and any promotional offers and discounts are agreed. Catalogue entries, advanced information (AIs) and press releases are generated. Print sales and eBook sales come through a mixture of marketing, publicity, word of mouth and on-line promotion. Export sales are achieved using international agents and reps.
Your book will be marketed alongside all our titles by existing authors.
Our standard package includes the generation of AIs (Advanced Information – details of your book sent to distributors to help them place your title in the marketplace); the catalogue entry; author biography and review requests.
Libri works with you and the media on ‘free’ marketing. This covers a mixture of features that could include reviews, features, author interviews, bookshop readings and signings. You play a key role in this stage as many sales will be generated through existing networks and social media, in the form of blogs, viral publicity or tweets. This applies to books being published in print or electronically. Libri is now also offering the ADVANCED MARKETING SERVICES package to provide additional marketing support.
Our routes to market are IPS UK (Ingram Publisher Services), the book distribution, and supply chain specialists, who ensure that is serviced and updated. Currently, we also use Quantum Publishing Solutions and for Europe our sales agents are Durnells.
IPG (Independent Publishers Group) are our USA and rest of the world agents. They link with Barnes and Noble, and many other retail chains in the States. We also use Lightning Source (owned by Ingram) who deal with our print on demand (PoD) sales and market our books globally.
Selling rights includes anything from dealing with requests for film or television rights, the sale of translation rights to other countries, or serial rights to a newspaper. All are opportunities to promote the book and earn additional income for author and publisher.
Royalties are payable on the net profits of book sales. The rates for royalties will vary depending on the volume of sales and the level of author contribution.



Every book is different – prices are influenced by costs and these will vary according to book size, illustrations, number of pages, finish and print run.   As a rough guide standard books will require an author contribution in the region of £2,500 – £5,000, but we will be able to give you an accurate costing when we’ve received the book proposal.
The author’s contribution to the costs will vary depending on the commercial potential of the book.  A title with a significant and accessible potential readership will require less initial investment from the author than one with a more limited appeal.
A portion of partner projects may be liable to VAT.  Any quotes for partner publishing will include any VAT liability which can be claimed back by the author if registered for VAT.  The amount of  VAT chargeable ranges from 0% to 4.36% of the total contribution.  More information on this is available for potential partners.
The cost includes all the stages of publication from the original submission to production of the book and marketing support (*see Advanced Marketing Services below).  As its name suggests, partner publishing is a partnership between the author and the publisher.  The venture is not financially successful for either party if the books do not sell.  We will continue to work with you to maximise sales after publication.
As an author you will receive up to 25 copies of the book for personal distribution and review.  Further copies will be available at a discount of up to 39.5% of the cover price.
You will earn royalties on the net profits from the sale of your books.
Hardback editions are available subject to negotiation.


For The Record can also work with you to produce books that are not intended for retail.   Not every author writes to produce a best seller.   Sometimes it is enough to have a professionally produced record of an event, an item of local history or someone’s life story to keep as a permanent record and to distribute amongst friends and family.
If you choose to take this route then your book will be finished to the same high quality as all our other books but, because it is not intended for sale, there will be no marketing or related costs.   We can offer additional design or editorial support should you want it, but we are happy to produce the book exactly as you have laid it out if that is your preference.
Again, costs will vary according to the type of book required, but the broad price range is between £750 and £1,200.
The cost includes all the stages of publication from the original submission to production of the book. Books that call for a cover design and significant editorial support will be towards the higher end of the price range.
You will receive 25 copies of the book. Further copies or hardback editions will be available subject to negotiation.



In addition to the standard marketing support offered by Libri, our authors have the opportunity to engage an external marketing coach.   This is a trusted partner with comprehensive experience in marketing communications and vast knowledge of the book publishing industry.   This partner is available to support authors in promoting their books to end consumers and further raising their visibility and professional reputation among readers.

After signing up for the package (a new contract, and fees will apply), the author will engage in five individual, online one-hour sessions with the marketing coach, during which the author and the coach will work together to develop a three-month marketing plan for the author to implement on his or her own platforms, which might include:
• A content marketing plan (what content to publish on which channel and when, including social media, blog/website and email);
• A plan for a digital downloadable gift (such as a free first chapter, a checklist, etc.) to support subscription list growth and to raise book awareness;
• An influencer outreach list (whom to connect with to introduce the book, recommend it, and/or suggest an interview or guest blogging);
• A plan for any author-organised events (such as a book launch, reading/signing, speaking gigs);
• An advertising plan adapted to the author’s budget.
The coach can also provide step-by-step guidance on how to set up social media accounts, how to publish and schedule posts, and how to set up online ad campaigns.

Is this for you?
Are you published by Libri and interested in further promoting your book, increasing your visibility and strengthening your reputation among your audience?   Do you need strategic guidance on what to do and which resources to use?
If you are happy to write your own blogs and create your own social media posts (once you’ve learned how to), or if you have someone who can do that for you, but would still like to receive expert guidance, then this service is for you.
Interested in learning more?   Contact us or download this explanatory leaflet for more details.

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