As Memories Fade is a project to collect the stories of a passing generation based on memories and surviving documentation – both in the words of the individual concerned or through the memories of their family.   Dramatic, tragic or even humorous incidents and experiences – moments in time that deserve to be chronicled for future generations.

We are looking for stories that are more than an extended anecdote or a domestic episode from the family history.   There should be a broader theme to the story so that it has relevance for a wider audience. 

Current works in progress include:

  • The escape of two brothers from (the then) Czechoslovakia at the beginning of WW2 – one going east; the other travelling to the west.
  • The story of France’s youngest colonel in WW1 who, after 4 years in the trenches went on to fight for the Free French and the Resistance during WW2, ending with his capture and execution.
  • The Clan McNaughton, a merchant cruiser was hastily commissioned and armed for the Royal Navy and sank with all hands.    Officially the victim of a mine or u-boat, in fact the sinking was a result of an inexperienced crew and an unseaworthy ship.
  • The story of a conscientious objector who eventually enlisted when his younger brother was called up in 1940, only to be captured at the fall of Singapore and to die on the construction of Japan’s Burma Railway.   This includes the story of Convoy WS12X, which comprised US troopships and escorts carrying the British 18th Infantry Division that sailed from Halifax on 10th November 1941.

Short story collections will be arranged in themes. The selection of themes will be based on the stories ready for publishing.


Short story submissions should meet the following criteria:

  • Word document with separate jpeg illustrations
  • 3000 – 5000 words
  • To support the story, a maximum of 5 illustrations, which need to be of a high resolution

For Authors:

  • Those contributing stories to short story collections will receive copies of the finished book.

For further information, please contact our Commissioning Editor