Do you have a story to tell ? 

In recent years many first-hand memories of the World Wars and other significant events of the Twentieth Century have been captured in print and on film.   Though extensive, these are only a fraction of the collective memory of the people affected.   Most of those involved have now gone, but their memories live on through the people they have told – their families and their friends – but this generation too will pass and with them the wealth of stories they hold on to.

As Memories Fade is a project to collect the stories of a passing generation based on memories and surviving documentation – both in the words of the individual concerned or through the memories of their family.   Dramatic, tragic or even humorous incidents and experiences – moments in time - that deserve to be chronicled for future generations.

As Memories Fade will print these stories in a series of books.   Inevitably, many of these stories will be based on wartime experiences, but the project extends into other areas of human endeavour.   All are told by their descendants based on memories and surviving documentation. 


Information for contributors

Story selection:

We are looking for stories that are more than an extended anecdote or a domestic episode from the family history.   There should be a broader theme to the story so that it has relevance for a wider audience. 

We encourage a balance of stories about both rich and poor, male and female.   Some stories may be about prominent people, but the majority will be about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

Topics can include:

WW1, Pre-War, WW2, Post War austerity, Fifties, Sixties, medicine & science, great national events, race relations, sport, art, music, performance and performers.


Short story submissions should meet the following criteria:

  • Word document with separate jpeg illustrations
  • 3000 – 5000 words
  • Illustrations – as required.   These should be of a high resolution (300psi).


  • Each contributing author shall pay £250
  • Each contributing author shall receive 10 copies of the book
  • Authors are eligible for royalty payments based on the net profit for the book


The author retains the copyright for their story.   Libri Publishing owns the copyright for ‘As Memories Fade’.

For further information, please contact our Commissioning Editor