Authors - Discount purchases

If you are an Author or Editor of a book published by Libri, or one of the Chapter authors  of a book then we are pleased to offer you (or your organisation) the opportunity of buying multiple copies of the book from us at a discount on the normal retail price. (You will, of course, also receive any presentation copies specified by the relevant Author/Editor contract).

The offer of discounted copies applies only to books purchased direct from Libri Publishing. We much prefer you to purchase such copies from our website using a credit card. However, we can also accept cheque payment against an invoice we issue, and if you wish to purchase in this way please either e-mail John Sivak, Managing Director of Libri at or write to him at our Faringdon address Libri Publishing Ltd., Brunel House, Volunteer Way, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, SN7 7YR.

The discounts we can offer depend on the number of copies ordered. Please note that unfortunately we will also have to charge for postage and packing, the charge for which will depend on the size, weight and number of books ordered. Postage charges are calculated on-line at our website and you will be aware of these before committing to any purchase.

The schedule of discounts is as follows:

Purchase of  1-   5 copies                             Discount of 15% on retail price

Purchase of  6-20 copies                             Discount of 22.5% on retail price

Purchase of 21-49 copies                            Discount of 27.5% on retail price

Purchase of 50 or more copies                   Discount of 40% on retail price

If you are purchasing from the Libri website you can claim the appropriate discount by entering the relevant voucher code when completing your purchase. The voucher codes to use are:

To purchase  1-   5 copies                            Enter code: AUTH-1

To purchase  6-20 copies                            Enter code: AUTH-2

To purchase 21-50 copies                           Enter code: AUTH-3

To purchase 51 or more copies                  Enter code: AUTH-4

We hope you or your organisation may wish to take advantage of these discounts and look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions or need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.