We welcome submissions from authors who share our approach to publishing and who have, or intend to have, titles that will fit within our range of imprints.

Libri specialises in publishing works aimed at what might be called the researcher/practitioner interface, and we aim to expand this activity in future.

We welcome submissions by authors who are practitioners, policy-makers, representatives of the media and consultants, as well as researchers and teachers/lecturers.  We are interested in publishing multi-authored books or edited conference proceedings where these can offer 'state of the art' insights in a given field.

We have a particular interest in publishing titles which are aimed at particular ‘communities of practice’ and which can be supported with conferences, workshops, masterclasses and similar forms of continuing professional development activity.

While we will always consider publishing research findings, we recognise that the requirements of peer review and research quality ratings mean that authors will wish to publish ‘pure’ academic research with those publishers that specialise in this area.

We are very happy to enter into exploratory discussions with potential authors, at whatever stage they are in the development of their publications. Following such exploratory talks, we will ask authors to make a more formal submission to us, and to submit one or more sample chapters. At this stage we may seek the views of assessors with specialist knowledge of the relevant field.

We also welcome submissions from new authors.

All work submitted to us is considered for a traditional publishing contract or, for new writers, a partner publishing contract, where a contribution is paid by the author to share the costs of the initial production and printing of the work.  The publishing process is identical for either form of contract, from review of manuscript to putting the finished book in the marketplace.

For more information on submissions, please visit out sister site Publish With Libri.

The criteria we use for selecting titles include:

  • maintaining Libri’s high standards of quality and relevance
  • working at the leading edge of new developments in practice and application
  • supporting innovative multi- or inter-disciplinary analyses of issues
  • developing integrated ‘blended learning’ approaches which combine books, learning materials and events.

In all cases, commercial viability is an over-riding consideration.

If you have a proposal for a book, or series of books, please contact or telephone 0845 873 3837.