Veniceland Atlantis

Veniceland Atlantis

Release Date:
Pages: 160
Published: 2011
ISBN: 9781907471131

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Veniceland Atlantis

“This is an important book.  Venice is a city loved by millions of people, even those who have never been there.  The world is just beginning to wake up to the fact that all is not well with the City and here Robert L. France outlines the many and complex reasons why. We must recognise that the physical survival of Venice depends on our making its survival an absolute priority, avoiding actions, however potentially profitable, that might put it in danger, now or in the long term. Safeguarding Venice in a sustainable way will be “work in progress” forever and will require ever greater investment.”

Anna Somers Cocks, Chairman, Venice in Peril

Venice, the world’s most beautiful and beloved city, may also be the world’s most endangered city. Although so far Venice has defied both tides and time, today all evidence points to a much bleaker future for the “Queen of the Adriatic”. 

Veniceland Atlantis, written by the distinguished environmental scholar Robert L. France, is the first book to give equal weight to both the environmental and social problems plaguing the city. France bases his analysis on numerous and diverse sources, together with many interviews conducted while he lived and worked in Venice. The result is this comprehensive and extensively illustrated overview of the precarious state of the city.  

 Robert L. France’s concluding message in Veniceland Atlantis is that the very future of Venice is in doubt. This is not so much due to rising sea levels and floods of water but rather to the way Venice and its inhabitants are being completely inundated by millions of pleasure-seeking tourists whom the Venetians themselves have allowed and even encouraged to destroy, possibly irreparably, the social fabric of the city.

Veniceland Atlantis is accompanied by a website, ,featuring colour versions of the images and maps together with additional information and links.

Robert L. France is an Associate Professor of Watershed Management in the Department of Engineering at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College and is an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Graduate Studies at nearby Dalhousie University. He is a leading authority on watershed management and environmental restoration who has published hundreds of technical articles and more than a dozen books and who has participated in many high visibility urban planning projects around the world. Formerly a professor of landscape ecology at Harvard University, for more than a decade he has been a frequent visitor to Venice and for three summers he resided there while teaching a course at Ca’Foscari University and conducting research for this book.

Praise for Veniceland Atlantis

This is an important book. — Anna Somers Cox, Chairman, Venice in Peril

Veniceland Atlantis is one of the very best books to clearly illustrate the complex social dynamics of addressing engineering solutions to climate change. — Peter Liotta former director of the Pell Center for International Relations at Salve Regina University

Robert France’s Veniceland Atlantis is an extraordinarily comprehensive account of the multiple, and dire current circumstances of the “world’s favourite city — George Baird, former Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto

This book is a one-stop source for getting up to speed on the problems and possible solutions…A new necessary purchase for all good Venice bookshelves. — Jeff Cotton is the creator and compiler of the Fictional Cities website

Veniceland Atlantis tells the true story of Venice’s many problems and most importantly does not back away from controversial issues, including identifying those most at blame for the state of the city. — Engelbert Ruoss, former Director of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s Venice Office

France’s book is required reading for anyone who cares about the future of the beloved city. — Jack Watkins, The Independent.

Robert France’s Veniceland Atlantis is wonderful!  It is an intensely personal work that I love. This is a necessary book for the heart as well as for the head.  —Robert Abbott, founder of the sustainability consultancy firm Abbott Strategies

This is an excellent book that will be of interest to professional planners and the students with an interest in sustainable urban design. — Alex Kreiger, Professor in Practice of Urban Design and the former chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design

The abundant photographs, many of scenes never before published in such a popular book, are themselves worthy of close attention for all those who love and worry about this magnificent city.  — Fabio Carrera is the Director of Global Project Centers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Veniceland Atlantis is a very useful, excellent book. What I especially like about it is that it pulls no punches on the matter of what Venice and Venetians will do about the perilous state of their city.— Bruce Miller, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Michigan State University

Veniceland Atlantis is filled with interesting text. We like the pictures! — Robert Neugeboren is Dean of Students and Alumni for Continuing Education and a lecturer in economics at Harvard University.

In Veniceland Atlantis, Robert France explores the history of these problems in a way that has seldom been presented in such a compelling fashion for any city. — Stephen Vogel, cofounder of the Detroit Collaborative Design Center and the International Center for Urban Ecology.

This is one of the best books to illustrate that in the end environmental management really comes down to managing the concerns of people who are in turn managing the environment. — Mark Chandler, International Director of Research at the Earthwatch Institute