Influencing for Results in Organisations

Influencing for Results in Organisations

Release Date:
Pages: 420
Published: 2011
ISBN: 9781907471605
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Influencing for Results in Organisations

Influencing for Results in Organisations is an original, innovative and comprehensive study of what makes individuals effective influencers of what happens in organisations. More than just a study, it is also a workbook filled with case examples and questions aimed at building people's capacity to influence for the results they want.

Based on 30 years of development in 30 different countries Influencing for Results in Organisations combines theory, success stories and a seven-step planning guide to help you expand your range of influencing skills. It will move you from occasionally getting what you want – and not knowing how you got it—to frequently getting what you want – and knowing how you did it, so that you can do it again. 

This book is for anyone who works at any level, in any kind of organisation – large or small, public or private, for profit or not for profit. The focus is not: “Who will lead us?” or “How will I lead them?” The focus is: “How will we influence each other?” 

Influencing for Results in Organisations takes you through seven chapters. In each chapter, you consider a wide range of possible answers to simple questions such as “What do I want?” or “How do I get it?” Starting with the key issues of ethics, culture, and resistance you move on to success, strategy, self, situation, and system. Along the way, enjoy more than 100 colourful real-life stories of effective influencing by all kinds of people in all kinds of organisations and, as you progress, fit your answers into the detailed planning guide that is designed so that you can use it again and again.

A wise man once described effective influencing as “the ability to move an idea from your mind to my mind and to move me with the idea”. Those few words sum up what you need to do to influence effectively. This book guides you through that process: developing your abilities, clarifying your ideas, choosing your strategies, connecting with the people you are influencing and getting what you want.

About the author

In more than 30 countries for more than 30 years, Walt Hopkins has been leading courses on influencing skills for all sorts of organisations—including the UN’s World Food Programme, social agencies, government, schools, and multinational corporations like Apple, Disney, GKN, Heidelberg, OMV, Statoil, and Unilever. The courses are practical, helpful, stimulating, and fun. So is this book.


“This is a magnificent gift for all of us who are interested in increasing our understanding and competence in getting things done ethically through the willing cooperation of others.”

Roger Harrison

Author, consultant and co-creator of the first-ever influencing skills training course


 “This is the most integrated, enjoyable and impactful approach to achieving desired outcomes in organisations that I have ever encountered. It is testament to Walt that ten years after I first experienced his methods, I still carry his “Influencing for Results” handbook with me into every business meeting I attend. Influencing for Results in Organisations now brings together all of Walt’s teaching genius in an essential guidebook for anyone who wants to become an Effective Influencer.”

Alan Raleigh

Group Supply Chain Vice-President, Unilever