We are aware that there are many writers who have not had the opportunity to get their stories published.  We know there is a great wealth of talent that has never been recognised, which is why we have introduced the Child's Eye Award for children’s literature.

The award offers the chance for an author to work with our team of editors and designers to get their book published and for it to be promoted in the marketplace alongside our other titles.

This is a 2-stage process.  At first, we will only require the entry form, a brief synopsis of your story and a sample chapter or a few pages of your book.

We will read each application and if we think the book idea could work for Child's Eye then we will invite you to submit your full story – with illustrations if they apply.

All stage 2 entries will go to our panel who will select one that will go forward for publishing.

All stage 2 entries will receive feedback from the panel.

Stage 1
Send us a completed entry form and a synopsis of the story supported by up to 750 words of the text.
If the book is intended to be illustrated, please include some sample drawings.

Stage 2
If your story is short-listed, we will ask for the full story as a pdf with any illustrations attached as jpegs.
The author retains the copyright of any material submitted.

Assessment Criteria
We are looking for stories that have the clear potential to be commercially viable and can stand alongside our other Child's Eye titles.
We will favour stories that link in with the Child's Eye branding.
Stories can be fiction or non-fiction.

For the Winner
The successful author will be appointed with a commissioning editor who will work with the author throughout the following stages:

  1. The Structural Edit which involves the commissioning editor looking at everything from the book’s structure to its narrative style.
  2. Copy-editing is designed to catch all the errors and inconsistencies in the text, from spelling and punctuation to facts, figures and style.
  3. The Book Cover is an important feature of the book – it’s one of the most important factors in encouraging customers to pick up the book and pay for it at the till. The contract includes a full colour designed cover.
  4. Design & Lay-up (Typesetting) turns the manuscript into page proofs.
  5. Proofs are read by the author and the agreed copy goes for printing.
  6. Going to press the book will be given an ISBN number and sent to press. The size of the print run will be based on advance sales and market research.
  7. Sales support. The retail price is decided, and any promotional offers and discounts are agreed. Catalogue entries, advanced information for distributors and press releases are generated. Your book will be sent to our distribution agents in the UK, Europe and the USA who will ensure that it appears on as well as link with Barnes and Noble, and many other retail chains in the States.
  8. Marketing & Publicity support covers a mixture of features that could include reviews, features, author interviews, bookshop readings and signings. The author plays a key role in this stage as many sales will be generated through existing networks and social media, in the form of blogs, viral publicity or tweets.
  9. Royalties are payable to the author based on a % of book sales.
  10. Copyright is retained by the author.

Stage 1 deadline date for entries: July 16th, 2022
Stage 2 deadline for completed stories: September 17th, 2022
Winner to be announced: October 15th, 2022

What Next ?
Download an entry form and submit this accompanied by the synopsis, sample text and illustrations (if applicable).
If you would like more details, or to submit your entry, please email:


Child's Eye is the children’s literature imprint of Libri Publishing Ltd.