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Welcome to Green Frigate

Titles published under the Green Frigate Books imprint aim to explore the horizons of the natural and built environments, and the relations of humans within them. The goal of the imprint is to reach its readership by producing works that fall in the cracks between those offered by traditional academic and popular presses. Specific categories include ‘Design, Interiors and Architecture’ and ‘The natural and built environments’. In common with Libri Books, the imprint should be of interest particularly for members of ‘communities of practice’ in the natural and built environments.

Other Green Frigate Publications

Book of Books: Pearls from the Meandering Stream of Time that Runs Across Continents
James Mathew and Kent Bicknell
High Arctic Extreme Science
Robert L. France

A Wanderer All My Days
J. Parker Huber
Ultreia! Onward!
Robert L. France

Seeing the Songs
Gary Margolis
Westward I Go Free
Corinne Hosfeld Smith

Destination Mutable
John H. Baillie
Zombie Factory
Michael Korovkin & Peter Stephenson

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