22 May 2015

Libri's three imprints

Libri Books are focused on professional and organisational development, titles in business and management and all related subjects, health and health policy, and 'The Business of Higher Education'. Libri Books have strong academic/theoretical grounding, but are not 'academic books' and are written primarily with the professional practitioner in mind.

The imprint recruits authors strongly linked to communities of practice and probably with personal consultancy/teaching practices which general sales via the authors or their organisations.

Redshank Books are in general shorter and less theoretical than Libri Books, and have no specific links to 'communities of practice'. This imprint is also used for various project work and sponsored publications.

The imprint Green Frigate Books will contain a number of titles published originally in Canada, plus others in what was originally Libri Publishing's 'Design, Interiors and Architecture' category. Thus Green Frigate is differentiated from Libri Books titles mainly in terms of focus.